Privacy Policy

Protecting user privacy

On behalf of IC-EUROPE.COM, we are committed to protecting the privacy of all our customers. We collect only the necessary, basic data on customers / users and data necessary for business and informing users in accordance with good business practices and in order to provide quality service. We give customers a choice including the ability to decide whether or not they want to be deleted from the mailing lists used for marketing campaigns. All user / customer data is strictly kept and is only available to employees who need this data to do the job. All IC-EUROPE.COM employees are responsible for respecting the principles of privacy protection

If you are interested in the processing and protection of your personal data within the website, which was formed on the basis of the Decision, ICE CONCEPT d.o.o., you can get all the information here.

We value your privacy and take special care of the security of your personal information. It is for these reasons that this Privacy Policy in a transparent and easily understandable way we want to inform you about the collection, use, nature and scope of processing of your personal data by ICE CONCEPT d.o.o. Novi Beograd, Jurija Gagarina 231, MB: 21709204, which is in the position of the controller of your personal data (hereinafter “ICE CONCEPT”, “EODC” “, “IC-EUROPE” or “we”).

Here is information about all the information we collect about you, during various forms of cooperation, especially the information we collect when you access our website, when you register and create a profile or when you buy tickets online.

Personal data is all data that directly or indirectly relates or may relate to you as a natural person. As a legal basis governing data protection and conditions for the processing of your personal data, we apply the Law on Personal Data Protection (“Official Gazette of RS”, No. 87/2018), hereinafter “the Law”), which are completely compatible to GDPR regulations.

In the event that our site contains characters to other websites, please be adequately aware of the privacy policies contained on those websites and the manner in which those persons process information about you. Please note that ICE CONCEPT has no control over the content of other websites, and therefore we cannot be responsible for protecting your privacy when you visit other sites.

  1. How do we collect your personal information and on what legal basis?
  2. What data do we collect from you?

2.1. Purchase / order in IC-EUROPE store / website

2.2. Complaints

2.3. Opening a user account on the site

2.4. Contacting IC-EUROPE – different types of inquiries (contact by e-mail, via social networks)

2.5. Marketing purposes – application for notification of current offers and promotions – Newsletter

2.6. Promotional actions, prize games, sponsorships

2.7. Profiling

2.8. Visit the website

2.9. Use of cookies

2.10. Wp-security audit log

2.11. The social network

  1. Who has access to your data?
  2. How long do we keep your data?
  3. Data on minors
  4. Security measures
  5. What rights do you have as a data subject?
  6. Entry into Force and Amendments to the Privacy Policy
  1. How do we collect your personal information and on what legal basis?

We receive all the information we collect directly from you, when you order certain products or services, fill out a certain form or when we collect data via security cameras in our retail facilities.

All your personal information is treated as strictly confidential, and ICE CONCEPT and / or our trusted partners keep it in an adequate manner.

In accordance with the applicable legislation, which regulates the protection of personal data, we may process your personal data on the following legal grounds:

  • when we need the processing of your personal data to conclude and fulfill the contract you are accessing;
  • when we need the processing of your personal data to fulfill certain legal obligations (this includes in particular data that we keep due to tax obligations);
  • when we have a legitimate interest in the processing of your data, unless your interests or fundamental rights and freedoms prevail over those interests;
  • when you have given us consent for the processing of your personal data for a specific purpose of processing, whereby you have the right to withdraw the given consent at any time;

It is mandatory to submit only those personal data that we collect to fulfill certain legal obligations.

Submission of personal data on all other legal grounds is voluntary, but please note that if you deny us this information, in certain situations we may not be able to provide you with certain services (such as sending an electronic certificate of attendance, which may be a condition for rights to points for continuing education, or sending reminders about an upcoming online event, or a newsletter via email).

Please note that all of the above legal bases apply depending on the purpose for which we collect your data, and about which we will inform you in each specific case. You can see more about the purpose and type of data we collect in the section “What data do we collect from you?”

  1. What data we collect from you

IC-EUROPE collects several categories of personal data, depending on the specific request of the user / customer.

2.1. Purchase / order on the IC-EUROPE website /

When you make a purchase on the IC-EUROPE website, depending on the case, you may be required to leave certain personal information necessary to conclude a distance selling contract, create an order or to fulfill obligations under the sales contract – delivery, payment and receipt of purchased services / tickets.

When you use our services shopping online through the website, we need the data

– Name and surname;

– telephone number;

– address (city, street and number, postal code, apartment number and floor)

– E-mail address

When making online payments, in order to ensure a secure purchase, we also collect information about the completed transaction (your card information is not available to us at any time, it is only available to the ChipCard payment processor, the organization that issued the payment card and the banks involved in the transaction).

We use the data collected in this way exclusively for the purpose of concluding and executing distance sales contracts, which includes managing and tracking orders, communicating with you, as well as acting in the event of a complaint or warning.

See more about our partners in the section “Who has access to your data?”

2.3. Complaints

Pursuant to the Consumer Protection Act, IC-EUROPE is obliged to provide customers with the opportunity to file complaints on purchased products / services.

In that case, when filing a complaint from you as a customer, we may take information about your name and surname, telephone number, e-mail address and / or home address.

We use the data collected in this way exclusively for the purpose of resolving and responding to your complaints.

NOTE: due to the specifics of the services we sell (e-tickets for access to the online congress), complaints and refund requests can be submitted no later than 12 hours before the event, the time zone CET, Belgrade, Serbia

2.4. Opening a user account on the IC-EUROPE site

When you decide to register on our site or to buy e-tickets to access the online congress and create your profile, we collect the following information for this purpose:

  • Mandatory information (this information is required for another person if you are making a payment on behalf of another person):

o name and surname;

about the state

o address, place, postal code

o e-mail address;

o username

o password;

  • Additional information (possible but not required):

o company;

o phone;

o designation

In the event that as a registered user of your profile you decide to purchase any of our products available on our website, and in accordance with our Terms of Business, in order to complete the transaction and delivery, in addition to information about you as a registered user we may request additional information. this is stated under point 2.1. of this Privacy Policy.

Please note that in no case do we collect special categories of data, such as data relating to your racial or ethnic origin, political opinion, religious or philosophical beliefs or trade union membership, or the processing of genetic data, biometric data, data relating to health condition, sexual life or sexual orientation.

Since we create a profile solely on the basis of your consent, you can withdraw your consent at any time by deleting the profile, after which we will delete all data we have about you.

2.5. Contacting IC-EUROPE – different types of inquiries (contact by e-mail, phone, via social networks)

Depending on how you contacted us, as well as the type of inquiry, we may collect your information about your name, surname, telephone number, e-mail address, as well as other information you have exchanged with us, which are related to with your inquiry.

Depending on how you contacted us, as well as the type of inquiry, we may collect your information about your name, surname, telephone number, e-mail address, as well as other information you have exchanged with us, which are related to with your inquiry.

You can also contact us when you want to make a purchase by phone. In this case, we process your data, as stated in section 2.1. of this Privacy Policy.

2.6. Marketing purposes – application for receiving information on current offers and promotions – Newsletter,

There are several ways to sign up to send promotional offers from IC-EUROPE:

  • If you want to receive our notification about current offers and promotions, you can leave the following information on our website at any time:
  • email address for newsletter notifications.

IC-EUROPE will also offer you the service of sending notifications about current offers and promotions by e-mail when registering, ie creating a profile on the website / mobile application, you can additionally accept sending notifications and promotional offers.

These fields and data are mandatory in the case of purchasing e-tickets that allow you to receive points for continuing education and are necessary for users / participants of the congress to be issued Certificates of Attendance, on the basis of which, in addition to providing other necessary conditions, they can provide the appropriate number of points for Continuing Education.

For these reasons, the collected data can also be submitted to third parties, certification bodies and their representatives, who process this data in order to provide points for Continuing Education. In this case, we are cooperating with the company DentalCEsolutions LLC from the USA, which is a representative of the ADA (American Dental Association) from the USA, and Serbian Dental Chamber from Belgrade, Serbia.

The collected data can be used to send e-mails reminding E-ticket customers of the beginning of the online congress / event, as attendance is one of the conditions necessary for validation and recognition of points for continuing education.

  • If you want to receive our notifications related to future events that we will organize, you can sign up for regular notifications via e-mail address on the appropriate part of the site.

You can revoke your consent to receive notifications at any time, in which case we will stop sending you promotional offers. Revocation of consent does not affect the admissibility of processing carried out on the basis of consent prior to revocation.

Regardless of how you signed up to receive notifications, you can revoke your consent via the unsubscribe option at the bottom of each email or directly by sending an email to  with Subject: “Unsubscribe request”

We would like to inform you that in the case of sending newsletters, we hire external partners in order to perform these services, your data may be transferred to these persons (e-mail address data). See more about our partners in the section “Who has access to your data?”

2.7. Promotional actions, prize games, sponsorships

For the purposes of participating in prize games, sponsorship or conducting promotional activities, we collect data, in accordance with the rules for each activity individually.

To register participants, we need your name and surname, or e-mail address, depending on the specific rules of the game. If you are the winner of a prize whose value exceeds the amount prescribed by the tax regulations, we additionally need your JMBG. When collecting this data, in each specific case we will inform you about the type, purpose of processing this data, as well as about your rights.

Considering that when applying for a competition, prize game, etc. you agree with the rules prescribed by the organizer, we collect this information solely on the basis of your consent.

All data collected for the purposes of these events are stored until the end of the event, after which the data on all participants are deleted, except for those data on the winners whose storage is necessary in accordance with positive legal regulations.

2.8. Profiling

In cases where we send or display notifications or content that are personalized in nature, we may use certain procedures labeled as “profiling” (i.e., any form of automated personal data processing that consists of using collected personal information to assess certain personal information. aspects related to the individual, specifically, to analyze or predict aspects concerning the personal affinities of a particular individual, his interest, economic position, behavior, location, reliability or movement).

Based on our analysis, we send or display notices and / or content tailored exactly to your interests / needs.

We process this data solely on the basis of your consent.

2.9. Visit the website

With your consent, we may record your behavior as a user of our website, and newsletter.

We do not use additional cookies, except for those that can be standardly built into the tools used to create a website, or possibly can be used on the server where the hosting is located, on which we have no influence.

When you visit our website, the browser you use on your device can automatically and without your activity send to the server of our website:

– IP address of the device from which the request was sent and which has Internet access,

– date and time of access,

– name and URL of the downloaded file,

– website / application accessed (referrer URL),

– the browser you are using and, if necessary, the computer operating system that supports the Internet, as well as the name of your provider.

The server temporarily stores the specified data in a so-called log file for the purposes of:

– ensuring the establishment of a smooth connection,

– ensuring comfortable use of our website / application,

– assessment of system security and stability.

If in your browser, operating system or other settings of your device you have accepted the so-called. geolocation, ie whether your consent, this information may be available.

We do not transfer this information to third parties. The data is stored temporarily during a visit to the page, and then deleted automatically. After you leave our website, the geolocation data is deleted.

2.10. Use of cookies

We do not use additional cookies, except for those that can be standardly built into the tools used to create a website, or possibly can be used on the server where the hosting is located, on which we have no influence.

2.11. Wp-security audit log

For the purpose of collecting data on the time of logging in to the site, and for the purpose of collecting data necessary for getting the right to points For continuing education, we use the so-called WP-security-audit-log, from WP White Security, the Netherlands. The data is generated and processed in accordance with the business policy of the mentioned company.

For more information on WP White Security data protection, see  

2.12. The social network

The data on social networks is largely processed by the operator, and the IC-EUROPE has a limited influence on that part.

More detailed information on data processing by social network platform operators and on the possibility of complaints can be found in their data protection rules:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram

We process the data collected on social networks in order to inform consumers about current promotions and offers, and in order to interact and improve relationships with followers.

Data collected on social networks based on consent, such as comments, videos, pictures, likes, is published by the operator. IC-EUROPE does not share this information with third parties and reserves the right to delete illegal content, hate comments, explicit content and data that constitute a criminal offense.

There is a relationship with the social network operator in part in accordance with Art. 45 of the Law (joint responsibility):

The operator and we are jointly responsible for the web tracking methods provided by the social network platform operator. Web tracking can also follow regardless of whether you are logged in or registered on the social network platform. As we have already mentioned, unfortunately we can only to a limited extent influence the methods of web monitoring of the operator, for example we cannot turn them off.

The legal basis for web tracking methods is a legitimate interest, which consists in optimizing the social network platform and the specific fan-page.

  1. Who has access to your data?

IC-EUROPE is extremely important for the protection of your personal data, which is why we take care that your personal data is not disclosed to unauthorized persons. Access to the data that you have made available to us is available only to those employees who need it to fulfill the purpose for which the personal data was collected, and for whom the processing of personal data is in the job description.

In addition to our employees, in order to provide certain services, we may provide your data to third parties – our partners who provide services on behalf of IC-EUROPE (eg Complaints Service, IT partners who maintain our website, banks).

In all these cases, our relationship with external partners and the manner of protection and treatment of your personal data are provided by contracts in accordance with the Law.

  1. How long do we keep your data?

We store personal data as long as necessary to fulfill the above purposes. In doing so, we take into account the legal obligations to keep personal data.

In the case of creating a profile on our site or collecting data based on consent, personal data will be processed until the deletion of the user profile or withdrawal of consent. However, the revocation of the consent does not affect the admissibility of the processing performed on the basis of the consent before the revocation.

We will delete the data collected on the basis of the consent even before the withdrawal of the consent, if the purpose for which we collected the data has been achieved (as we do with the participants in the prize games).

When the basis for data collection is the conclusion and execution of the contract, we keep the data on realized purchases and customers to the extent provided by tax regulations and regulations governing the sales contract. (eg data on filed complaints are kept to the extent prescribed by the Consumer Protection Act).

After the expiration of the stipulated deadlines, ie after the withdrawal of the consent, if the data are processed on that basis, all customer data will be depersonalized or deleted or destroyed.

Please note that when it comes to purchase data, each customer can depersonalize the data before the expiration of the prescribed deadlines. Depersonalization is done through a link that is delivered to the customer via generic e-mail during the successful creation of the purchase order.

  1. Data on minors

The IC-EUROPE does not intentionally process the identity data of minors under 16 years of age.

Adults are advised to properly supervise minors under their guardianship while searching the Internet, and especially when it is possible to leave personal data.

  1. Security measures

To ensure the protection of personal data, the IC-EUROPE has adopted a number of rules governing the processing and protection of personal data.

Various mechanisms have been implemented, such as mandatory training of all employees to handle confidential and personal data, access to personal data is allowed only to authorized persons, and in addition there are strong password policies. In addition to the above, the IC-EUROPE has also appointed a person for the protection of personal data who assists in the process of protection and security of personal data and takes care of their compliance with the Law.

In addition to the above, IC-EUROPE has provided a dispatch to its users personalization of data, the ability to download all personal data on the site (account information, orders, comments, wishes …), and a strong password policy on personal profiles (at least 6 characters, lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers and characters) punctuation).

IC-EUROPE constantly monitors and, depending on the needs, improves security measures, all in order to prevent unauthorized access, loss or destruction of personal data.

  1. What rights do you have as a data subject?

You can contact us at any time with any of the following requirements:

  • to provide you with access to your personal data, to answer for what purposes the data concerning you are used, as well as to access such personal data, to know the purpose of processing, the categories of your personal data we hold, third parties, third parties or categories of third parties to which your personal data is shared, the period during which we retain the data.
  • request the correction of inaccurate, incorrectly entered and / or outdated data;
  • request the deletion of your personal data if the processing is based on your consent, legitimate interest or if the personal data are no longer necessary to achieve the purpose for which they were collected;
  • request a restriction on the processing of your data, if you dispute the accuracy of personal data within a time limit that allows the controller to verify the accuracy of personal data, if you consider the processing illegal and do not want the data deleted, if you object or if you consider IC-EUROPE more your data is not required;
  • to file a complaint in the way we process your data, even in cases where it is not disputed that we process the data in accordance with the Law;
  • to file a complaint to the Commissioner for Personal Data Protection, in accordance with the Law.

For any additional questions and requests regarding the processing of personal data, you can contact our Personal Data Protection Officer. Contact details are e-mail address

  1. Entry into Force and Amendments to the Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is effective September 11, 2020.

The privacy policy may be amended or supplemented, depending on the needs and changes in the IC-EUROPE process, changes in the legal framework or at the request of the competent authority (Commissioner for the Protection of Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection).

It is recommended that users regularly monitor changes to the Privacy Policy on the IC-EUROPE website.

Politika privatnosti

Ukoliko se interesujete za obradu i zaštitu Vaših podataka o ličnosti u okviru web stranice , koja je formirana na osnovu Odluke , ICE CONCEPT d.o.o., ovde možete dobiti sve informacije.

Mi cenimo Vašu privatnost i posebno vodimo računa o bezbednosti Vaših podataka o ličnosti. Upravo iz tih razloga ovom Politikom privatnosti na transparentan i lako razumljiv način želimo da Vas informišemo o prikupljanju, upotrebi, prirodi i obimu obrade Vaših ličnih podataka od strane ICE CONCEPT d.o.o. Novi Beograd, Jurija Gagarina 231, MB: 21709204

, koja se nalazi u položaju rukovaoca Vaših podatka o ličnosti (u nastavku „ICE CONCEPT“ , „EODC“, „IC-EUROPE“ ili „mi“ ).

Ovde se nalaze informacije o svim podacima koje prikupljamo o Vama, prilikom različitih vidova saradnje, posebno podaci koje prikupljamo kada pristupite našoj internet stranici, kada se registrujete i napravite profil ili kada kupuite karte online.

Podaci o ličnosti su svi podaci koji se neposredno ili posredno odnose ili mogu da se odnose na Vas kao fizičko lice. Kao zakonski osnov koji uređuje zaštitu podataka i uslove za obradu Vaših ličnih podataka primenjujemo Zakon o zaštiti podataka o ličnosti (“Sl. glasnik RS”, br. 87/2018), u daljem tekstu ,,Zakon”).

U slučaju da naš sajt sadrži likove ka drugim internet stranicama, molimo Vas da se adekvatno upoznate sa politikama privatnosti koje se nalaze na tim internet stranicama i načinom na koji ta lica obrađuju podatke o Vama. Imajte u vidu da ICE CONCEPT nema nikakvu kontrolu nad sadržajem drugih internet stranica, te zbog toga ne možemo biti odgovorni za zaštitu Vaše privatnosti kada posećujete druge sajtove. 

  1. Na koji način prikupljamo Vaše lične podatke i po kom pravnom osnovu?
  2. Koje podatke prikupljamo od Vas?

2.1. Kupovina/porudžbina u IC-EUROPE prodavnici/web sajtu

2.2. Reklamacije

2.3. Otvaranje korisničkog naloga na sajtu

2.4. Kontaktiranje sa IC-EUROPE – različite vrste upita (kontakt e mailom, putem društvenih mreža)

2.5. Marketinške svrhe – prijava za dobijanje obaveštenja o aktuelnoj ponudi i promocijama – Newsletter

2.6. Promotivne radnje, nagradne igre, sponzorstva

2.7. Profilisanje

2.8. Poseta internet stranice 

2.9. Korišćenje kolačića

2.10. Wp-security audit log

2.11. Društvene mreže

  1. Ko ima pristup Vašim podacima?
  2. Koliko dugo čuvamo Vaše podatke?
  3. Podaci o maloletnim licima
  4. Bezbednosne mere
  5. Koja prava imate kao lice na koje se podaci odnose?
  6. Stupanje na snagu i izmene Politike privatnosti
  7. Na koji način prikupljamo Vaše lične podatke i po kom pravnom osnovu?

Sve informacije koje prikupljamo dobijamo direktno od Vas, kada naručite određene proizvode ili usluge, popunite određeni formular ili kada prikupimo podatke putem bezbednosnih kamera u našim maloprodajnim objektima.

Sve Vaše lične informacije tretiraju se kao strogo poverljive, a ICE CONCEPT i/ili naši pouzdani partneri ih čuvaju na adekvatan način.

U skladu sa važećim zakonodavstvom, koje reguliše zaštitu ličnih podataka, možemo da obrađujemo Vaše lične podatke po sledećim pravnim osnovima:

  • kada nam je obrada Vaših ličnih podataka potrebna za zaključenje i ispunjenje ugovora kome pristupate;
  • kada nam je obrada Vaših ličnih potrebna za ispunjenje određenih zakonskih obaveza (ovde spadaju naročito podaci koje čuvamo zbog poreskih obaveza);
  • kada za obradu Vaših podataka imamo legitiman interes, osim ukoliko su nad tim interesima pretežniji Vaši interesi ili osnovna prava i slobode;
  • kada ste nam za obradu Vaših ličnih podataka dali saglasnost za određenu svrhu obrade, pri čemu u svakom trenutku imate pravo da datu saglasnost povučete;

Obavezno je dostavljanje samo onih ličnih podataka koje prikupljamo za ispunjenje određenih zakonskih obaveza.

Dostavljanje ličnih podataka po svim ostalim pravnim osnovima je dobrovoljno, ali napominjemo da ukoliko nam uskratite ove podatke, u određenim situacijama možda nećemo biti u mogućnosti da Vam pružimo određene usluge (kao što je na primer slanje elektronskog sertifikata o prisustvu što može biti uslov za ostvarivanje prava na bodove za kontinuranu edukaciju, ili slanje podsetnika o predstojećem online događaju, ili newsletter preko e-mail adrese). 

Napominjemo da se svi navedeni pravni osnovi primenjuju u zavisnosti od svrhe za koju prikupljamo Vaše podatake, a o čemu ćemo Vas obavestiti u svakom konkretnom slučaju. Više o svrsi i vrsti podataka koje prikupljamo možete pogledati u odeljku „Koje podatake prikupljamo od Vas?“ 

  1. Koje podatke prikupljamo od Vas

IC-EUROPE prikuplja nekoliko kategorija ličnih podataka, a u zavisnosti od konkretnog zahteva korisnika/kupaca. 

2.1. Kupovina/porudžbina na IC-EUROPE web sajtu/

Kada obavite kupovinu na IC-EUROPE web sajtu, u zavisnosti od slučaja, od Vas se može tražiti da ostavite određene podatke o ličnosti koji su neophodni za zaključenje ugovora o prodaji na daljinu, kreiranje porudžbine ili radi ispunjenja obaveza iz ugovora o prodaji – realizaciji isporuke, naplate i prijema kupljenih usluga/karata.

Kada koristite naše usluge kupovine online putem web sajta, potrebani su nam podaci

– ime i prezime;

– broj telefona; 

– adresa (grad, ulica i broj, poštanski broj, broj stana i sprat)

– e-mail adresa

Prilikom online plaćanja, kako bi osigurali sigurnu kupovinu, prikupljamo i podatke o izvršenoj transakciji (podaci o vašoj kartici nam nisu dostupni ni jednom trenutku, dostupni su samo procesoru plaćanja, organizaciji koja je izdala platnu karticu i bankama uključenim u transakciju).

Podatke prikupljene na ovaj način koristimo isključivo radi zaključenja i izvršenja ugovora o prodaji na daljinu, što obuhvata upravljanje i praćenje porudžbina, komunikaciju sa Vama, kao i postupanje u slučaju prigovora ili opomene.

Više o našim partnerima pogledajte u odeljku „Ko ima pristup Vašim podacima?“

2.3. Reklamacije

IC-EUROPE je dužan po osnovu Zakona o zaštiti potrošača da kupcima obezbedi mogućnost ulaganja reklamacija na kupljene proizvode/usluge.

U tom slučaju, prilikom ulaganja reklamacije od Vas kao kupca možemo da uzmemo podatke o imenu i prezimenu, broju telefona, e-mail adresi i/ili kućnu adresu.

Podatke prikupljenje na ovaj način koristimo isključivo radi rešavanja i odgovaranja na Vaše reklamacije.

NAPOMENA: zbog specifičnosti usluga koje prodajemo (e-karte za pristup online kongresu), reklamaciju i zahtev za povraćaj novca je moguće podneti najkasnije 12 šasova pre početka događaja, merodavna je vremenska zona CET, Beograd, Srbija

2.4. Otvaranje korisničkog naloga na IC-EUROPE sajtu

Kada odlučite da se registrujete na našem sajtu odnosno da kupite e-karte za pristup online kongresu i kreirate Vaš profil, u tu svrhu prikupljamo sledeće podatke:

  • Obavezni podaci (ovi podaci su potrebni u za drugu osobu ukoliko vršite plaćanje u ime druge osobe)
    • ime i prezime; 
    • državu
    • adresu, mesto, poštanski broj
    • e-mail adresa;
    • korisničko ime
    • lozinka;
  • Dodatni podaci (moguće da se zatraže ali nije obavezno)
    • kompanija;
    • telefon;
    • designation 

U slučaju da kao registrovani korisnik sa Vašeg profila odlučite da kupite neki od naših proizvoda dostupnih na našoj internet stranici, a u skladu sa našim Uslovima poslovanja, u cilju izvršenja transakcije i isporuke, pored podataka o Vama kao registrovanog korisnika možemo da zahtevamo dodatne podatke, kako je to navedeno pod tačkom 2.1. ove Politike Privatnosti.

Napominjemo da ni u kom slučaju ne prikupljamo posebne kategorije podataka, kao što su podaci koji se odnose na Vaše rasno ili etničko poreklo, političko mišljenje, versko ili filozofsko uverenje ili članstvo u sindikatu, kao ni obradu genetskih podataka, biometrijskih podataka, podataka u vezi zdravstvenog stanja, seksualnog života ili seksualne orijentacije.

S obzirom da profil kreiramo isključivo na osnovu Vaše saglasnosti, u svakom trenutku možete da povučete Vašu saglasnost, brisanjem profila, nakon čega ćemo obrisati sve podatke koje posedujemo o Vama.

2.5. Kontaktiranje sa IC-EUROPE – različite vrste upita (kontakt e mailom, telefonom, putem društvenih mreža)

U zavisnosti od načina na koji ste stupili u kontakt sa nama, kao i vrste upita možemo da prikupljamo Vaše podatke o imenu, prezimenu, broju telefona, adresi e-pošte, kao i ostale informacije koje ste razmenili sa nama, a koje su u vezi sa Vašim upitom.

U zavisnosti od načina na koji ste stupili u kontakt sa nama, kao i vrste upita možemo da prikupljamo Vaše podatke o imenu, prezimenu, broju telefona, adresi e-pošte, kao i ostale informacije koje ste razmenili sa nama, a koje su u vezi sa Vašim upitom.

Možete da nas kontaktirate i kada želite da obavite kupovinu putem telefona. U tom slučaju obrađujemo Vaše podatke, kako je to navedeno u odeljku 2.1. ove Politike Privatnosti.

2.6. Marketinške svrhe – prijava za dobijanje obaveštenja o aktuelnoj ponudi i promocijama – Newsletter,

Postoji nekoliko načina da se prijavite za slanje promotivnih ponuda od strane IC-EUROPE:

  • Ukoliko želite da primate naša obaveštanje o aktuelnim ponudama i promocijama, na našem web sajtu u svakom trenutku možete ostaviti sledeće podatke:
  • adresu e-pošte ako su u pitanju obaveštenja putem newsletter-a.

IC-EUROPE će Vam i prilikom registracije, odnosno kreiranja profila na internet stranici/mobilnoj aplikaciji, ponuditi uslugu slanja obaveštenja o aktuelnim ponudama i promocijama na mail, dodatno možete da prihvatite slanje obaveštenja i promotivnih ponuda. 
Ova polja i podaci jesu obavezni u slučaju kupovine e-tickets koji vam omogućavaju dobijanje bodova za kontinuiranu edukaciju i nepohodni su da bi korisnicima/učesnicima kongresa mogli biti izdati Sertifikati o prisustvu, na osnovu kojih, uz obezbedjenje i drugih potrebnih uslova,  mogu da obezbede odgovarajuci broj bodova za Kontinuiranu Edukaciju. 

Iz ovih razloga, prikupljeni podaci se mogu dostaviti i trećim licima, sertifikacionim telima i njihovim zastupnicima, koja vrše obradu ovih podataka u cilju obezbeđivanja bodova za Kontinuiranu Edukaciju. U konkretnom slučaju sarađujemo sa kompanijom DentalCEsolutions LLC iz SAD, koja je zastupnik ADA (American Dental Association) iz SAD, kao i sa Stomatološkom komorom Srbije. 

Prikupljeni podaci se mogu koristiti za slanje e-mail poruka kojima se kupci E-ticket podsećaju na početak online kongresa/događaja, pošto je prisustvo jedan od uslova neohodnih za validaciju i priznavanje bodova za kontinuranu edukaciju

  • Ukoliko želite da primate naša obaveštenja koja se odnose na buduće događaje koje ćemo organizovati, možete da se prijavite za stalna obaveštenja putem e-mail adrese na odgovarajućem delu sajta.

Vašu saglasnost za prijem obaveštenja možete da opozovete u svakom trenutku, u tom slučaju ćemo prestati da Vam šaljemo promotivne ponude. Opoziv pristanka ne utiče na dopuštenost obrade koja je vršena na osnovu pristanka pre opoziva.

Nezavisno od načina na koji ste se prijavili za prijem obaveštenja, Vašu saglasnost možete opozvati putem opcije odjava koja se nalazi u dnu svakog mail-a ili direktno putem slanja e-mail poruke na adresu uz Subject: „Unsubscribe request“

Obaveštavamo Vas da u slučaju za slanje newslettera angažujemo eksterne partnere u cilju izvršenja ovih usluga može da dođe do prenosa Vaših podataka tim licima (podaci o e-mail adresi). Više o našim parterima pogledajte u odeljku „Ko ima pristup Vašim podacima?“

2.7. Promotivne radnje, nagradne igre, sponzorstva

Za potrebe učestvovanja u nagradnim igrama, sponzorstva ili sprovođenja promotivnih radnji, prikupljamo podatke, u skladu sa pravilima za svaku aktivnost ponaosob.

Za prijavu učesnika potrebno nam je Vaše ime i prezime, ili e-mail adresa a u zavisnosti od konkretnih pravila igre. Ukoliko ste dobitnik nagrade čija vrednost prevazilazi iznos propisan poreskim propisima, dodatno potreban nam je i Vaš JMBG. Prilikom prikupljanja ovih podataka, u svakom konkretnom slučaju informisaćemo Vas o vrsti, svrsi obrade ovih podataka, kao i o Vašim pravima.

S obzirom da se prilikom prijave na konkurs, nagradnu igru i sl. saglašavate sa pravilima koje propiše organizator, navedene podatke prikupljamo isključivo na osnovu Vaše saglasnosti.

Svi podaci prikupljeni za potrebe ovih događaja čuvaju se do završetka događaja, nakon čega se podaci o svim učesnicima brišu, osim onih podataka o dobitnicima čije je čuvanje neophodno u skladu sa pozitivnim zakonskim propisima.

2.8. Profilisanje

U slučajevima kada šaljemo ili prikazujemo obaveštenja ili sadržaj koji su personalizovanog karaktera, možemo koristiti pojedine postupke koji su označeni kao „profilisanje” (odnosno, bilo koji oblik automatizovanog procesa obrade ličnih podataka koji se sastoji iz korišćenja prikupljenih podataka o ličnosti kako bismo procenili određene lične aspekte koji su u vezi sa fizičkim licem, konkretno, da bismo analizirali ili predvideli aspekte koji se tiču ličnih afiniteta konkretnog fizičkog lica, njegovog interesovanja, ekonomskog položaja, ponašanja, lokacije, pouzdanosti ili kretanja).

Na osnovu svoje analize, šaljemo ili prikazujemo obaveštenja i/ili sadržaj koji je skrojen tačno prema Vašim interesovanjima/potrebama.

Ove podatke obrađujemo isključivo na osnovu Vaše saglasnosti.

2.9. Poseta internet stranice

Uz Vašu saglasnost, možemo da beležimo Vaše ponašanje kao korisnika naše internet stranice, i newslettera.

Mi ne koristimo dodatne kolačiće – cookies , osim onih koji mogu biti standardno ugrađeni u alate korišćene za izradu web stranice, ili eventualno mogu biti korišćeni na samom serveru gde se nalazi hosting, na šta nemamo nikakav uticaj.

Prilikom posete naše internet stranice, pretraživač koji koristite na Vašem uređaju možeautomatski i bez Vaše aktivnosti poslati na server naše internet stranice:

– IP adresu uređaja sa kog je poslat upit i koji ima pristup internetu,

– datum i vreme pristupa,

– ime i URL preuzete datoteke,

– internet stranicu/aplikaciju sa koje se pristupa (referrer URL),

– pretraživač koji koristite i, ako je potrebno, operativni sistem računara koji podržava internet, kao i ime Vašeg provajdera.

Navedene podatke server privremeno čuva u takozvanoj log datoteci u svrhe:

– obezbeđivanja uspostavljanja nesmetane veze,

– obezbeđivanja komfornog korišćenja naše internet stranice/aplikacije,

– procene bezbednosti i stabilnosti sistema.

Ukoliko ste u Vašem pretraživaču, u operativnom sistemu ili u drugim podešavanjima Vašeg uređaja prihvatili tzv. geolokaciju, odnosno dali svoj pristanak, taj podatak može biti dostupan.

Ove podatke ne prenosimo trećim licima. Podaci se čuvaju privremeno i to za vreme posete stranici, a zatim se automatski brišu. Nakon što napustite našu internet stranicu, podaci o geolokaciji se brišu.

2.10. Korišćenje kolačića

Mi ne koristimo dodatne kolačiće – cookies , osim onih koji mogu biti standardno ugrađeni u alate korišćene za izradu web stranice, ili eventualno mogu biti korišćeni na samom serveru gde se nalazi hosting, na šta nemamo nikakav uticaj.

2.11. Wp-security audit log

Za potrebe prikupljanja podataka o vremenu logovanja na sajt, a u cilju prikupljanja podatkaka potrebnih za ostvarivanje prava na bodove za kontinuiranu edukaciju, koristimo takozvani WP-security-audit-log, kompanije WP White Security, Netherlands. Podaci se generišu i obrađuju u skladu sa poslovnom politikom pomenute kompanije.

Više informacija o zaštiti podataka u vezi sa WP White Security  potražite na        

2.12. Društvene mreže

Podatke na društvenim mrežama velikim delom obrađuje sam operater, i na taj deo IC-EUROPEima ograničen uticaj.

Detaljnije informacije o obradi podataka od strane operatera platforma društvenih mreža i o mogućnostima prigovora možete pronaći u njihovim pravilima o zaštiti podataka:

Podatke prikupljene na društvenim mrežama obrađujemo u svrhu informisanja potrošača o aktuelnim promocijama i ponudama, a u cilju interakcije i unapređenja odnosa sa pratiocima.

Podake prikupljene na društvenim mrežama na osnovu pristanka kao što su komentari, video snimci, slike, lajkovi, objavljuje operater. IC-EUROPE ove podatke ne deli sa trećim licima i zadržava pravo brisanja nezakonitih sadržaja, komentara mržnje, eksplicitnog sadržaja i podataka koji predstavljaju krivično delo.

Sa operaterom društvene mreže delom postoji odnos u skladu sa čl. 45 Zakona (zajednička odgovornost):

Za metode web praćenja koje operater platforme društvene mreže omogućava, operater i mi smo zajednički odgovorni. Web praćenje (webtracking) može pritom da usledi i nezavisno od toga da li ste na platformu društvene mreže prijavljeni ili registrovani. Kao što smo već napomenuli, nažalost samo ograničeno možemo da utičemo na metode web praćenja operatera, na primer ne možemo da ih isključimo.

Pravni osnov za metode web praćenja je legitiman interes, koji se sastoji u tome da se platforma društvene mreže i konkretna fan stranica (fan-page) optimizuju.

  1. Ko ima pristup Vašim podacima?

IC-EUROPE je od izuzetne važnosti zaštita Vaših podataka o ličnosti, upravo zbog toga vodimo računa da Vaši podaci o ličnosti ne budu ustupljeni neovlašćenim licima. Pristup podacima, koje ste nam stavili na raspolaganje, imaju samo oni zaposleni kojima su isti neophodni za ispunjenje svrhe za koju su podaci o ličnosti prikupljeni, a kojima je u opisu posla obrada podataka o ličnosti.

Pored naših zaposlenih, u cilju pružanja određenih usluga, Vaše podatke možemo da ustupimo trećim licima – našim partnerima koji pružaju usluge u ime IC-EUROPE (npr. Služba reklamacija, IT partneri koji se bave održavanjem našeg web sajta, banke).

U svim ovim slučajevima naš odnos sa eksternim parterima i način zaštite i postupanja sa Vašim podacima o ličnosti obezbedili smo ugovorima u skladu sa Zakonom.

  1. Koliko dugo čuvamo Vaše podatke?

Lične podatke čuvamo onoliko koliko je to neophodno za ispunjenje gore navedenih svrha. Pri tome, vodimo računa o zakonskim obavezama čuvanja podataka o ličnosti.

U slučaju kreiranja profila na našem sajtu ili prikupljanja podatka po osnovu saglasnosti, podaci o ličnosti će se obrađivati sve do brisanja korisničkog profila odnosno povlačenja date saglasnosti. Pri čemu opoziv saglasnosti ne utiče na dopuštenost obrade koja je vršena na osnovu saglasnosti pre opoziva.

Podatke, prikupljene na osnovu saglasnosti, obrisaćemo i pre povlačenja saglasnosti, ako je ostvarena svrha za koju smo prikupljali podatke (kao što to radimo sa učesnicima nagradnih igara).

Kada je osnov prikupljanja podataka zaključenje i izvršenje ugovora, podatke o realizovanim kupovinama i kupcima čuvamo koliko je to predviđeno poreskim propisima i propisima koji regulišu ugovor o prodaji. (npr. podaci o uloženim reklamacijama se čuvaju koliko je to propisano Zakonom o zaštiti potrošača).

Nakon isteka predviđenih rokova, odnosno nakon povlačenja saglasnosti, ukoliko se podaci obrađuju po tom osnovu, svi podaci o kupcima će biti depersonalizovani odnosno obrisani ili uništeni.

Napominjemo, da kada su u pitanju podaci o kupovini, svaki kupac može sam da odradi depersonalizaciju podataka i pre isteka prpropisanih rokova. Depersonalizacija se vrši preko linka koji se kupcu dostavlja putem generičkog mail-a prilikom uspešnog kreiranja porudžbenice.

  1. Podaci o maloletnim licima

IC-EUROPE ne obrađuje namerno podatke o ličnosti maloletne dece ispod 16 godina.

Odraslima se preporučuje da pravilno nadziru maloletnike pod svojim starateljstvom dok pretražuju po internetu, a naročito kada je omogućeno ostavljanje ličnih podataka.

  1. Bezbednosne mere

Kako bi se osigurala zaštita podataka o ličnosti IC-EUROPE je usvojila čitav niz pravila koja regulišu obradu i zaštitu podataka o ličnosti.

Implementirani su različiti mehanizmi, poput obavezne obuke svih zaposlenih za postupanje poverljivim i ličnim podacima, pristup podacima o ličnosti je dozvoljen samo ovlašćenim licima, a pored toga postoje i jake politike lozinki. Pored navedenog IC-EUROPE je imenovao i lice za zaštitu podataka o ličnosti koje pomaže u procesu zaštite i obezbeđivanja bezbednosti ličnih podataka i vodi računa o njihovoj usklađenosti sa Zakonom.

Pored navedenog IC-EUROPE je svojim korisnicima omogućio depersonalizaciju podataka, mogućnost preuzimanja svih ličnih podataka koji se nalaze na sajtu (podaci o nalogu, porudžbine, komentari, želje…), i doneta je jaka politika lozinki na ličnim profilima (najmanje 6 karaktera, mala i velika slova, brojeve i znakove interpunkcije).

IC-EUROPE stalo prati i u zavisnosti od potreba unapređuje bezbednosne mere, a sve kako bi sprečila neovlašćeni pristup, gubitak ili unišenje podataka o ličnosti.

  1. Koja prava imate kao lice na koje se podaci odnose?

U svakom trenutku možete nam se obratiti sa nekim od navedenih zahteva:

  • da Vam omogućimo pristup Vašim ličnim podacima, da odgovorimo za koje svrhe se koriste podaci koji se tiču Vas, kao i da pristupite takvim ličnim podacima, da znate svrhu obrade, kategorije Vaših ličnih podataka koje čuvamo, treće, strane ili kategorije trećih strana sa kojima se Vaši lični podaci dele, period tokom kog zadržavamo podatke.
  • da zahtevate ispravku netačnih, pogrešno unetih i/ili zastarelih podataka;
  • da zatražite brisanje Vaših ličnih podataka ukoliko se obrada zasniva na Vašem pristanku, legitimnom interesu ili ukoliko podaci o ličnosti više nisu neophodni za ostvarivanje svrhe zbog koje su prikupljeni;
  • da zahtevate ograničenje obrade Vaših podataka, ukoliko osporavate tačnost podataka o ličnosti u roku koji omogućava rukovaocu proveru tačnosti podatka o ličnosti, ukoliko smatrate da je obrada nezakonita, a ne želite da se podaci obrišu, ako ste istakli prigovor ili ako smatrate da IC-EUROPEviše nisu potrebni Vaši podaci;
  • da podnesete prigovor na način na koji obrađujemo Vaše podatke, čak i u slučajevima kada nije sporno da podatke obrađujemo u skladu sa Zakonom;
  • da uputite pritužbu Povereniku za zaštitu podataka o ličnosti, u skladu sa Zakonom.

Za sva dodatna pitanja i zahteve u vezi sa obradom podataka o ličnosti možete da kontaktirate naše Lice za zaštitu podataka o ličnosti. Kontakt podaci su e-mail  .

  1. Stupanje na snagu i izmene Politike privatnosti

Ova Politika privatnosti stupa na snagu dana 11.09.2020.godine.

Politika privatnosti može biti izmenjena ili dopunjena, u zavisnosti od potreba i promene procesa u IC-EUROPE, promene zakonskih okvira ili na zahtev nadležnog organa (Poverenika za zaštitu informaciju od javnog značaja i zaštitu podataka o ličnosti). 

Preporučuje se da korisnici redovno prate izmene i dopune Politike privatnosti, na IC-EUROPE sajtu.